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Frequently Asked

Can I prepare for my German Exam for free?

Yes you can! German Together has a vast, free-of-cost library for exam candidates across different levels/grades. This library includes free practice exercises, step-by-step guides and solving strategies. All you need to do is sign up once, and you have unlimited access to all the materials you need for self-study to successfully clear your exams!

How long does it take to prepare for a German certification exam?

It’s best to speak in terms of hours here. While a course (anyone from A1 to C1) can take 75 – 120 hours, separate time needs to be allotted to exam preparation. There is no real standard number of hours for this part. However, I always recommend at least 50 hours, exclusively for exam preparation. The number of days depends on how many hours you can spend on a daily basis.

What if I need help only with one section/ a few topics?

If you need help with certain topics of grammar, pronunciation or vocabulary, you can browse through our course catalog and sign up for a mini-course for those specific topics only. These mini-courses are simple, affordable and self-paced. If you need help with a specific section of the exam, for, eg. reading, listening, writing or speaking section, you can access specific instructions and exercises offered for free.

Is there a deadline for admissions?

The A1 Full Exam Prep Course is live forever. Once you sign up for it, you will have lifetime access, i.e. you can always come back and revisit the course if you need to.

What types of syllabuses are covered?

Here on German Together, the main focus is on the CEFR (Common European Framework of Language) syllabus. The exercises, model tests, quizzes and courses on German Together will help you prepare for the certification levels A1 to C1. This is an internationally accepted system by organizations across the world.

What if my grammar/ vocabulary skills are poor?

Trying to prepare for an international certification exam when your basics aren’t clear can be extremely difficult. But this shouldn’t hold you back. Here on German Together, we have an exhaustive course catalog for every tricky grammar topic and vocabulary theme. All these mini-courses are also included in a single master course (from A1 to C1) which guarantees thorough learning and revision. So if you know your weak areas in grammar or vocabulary, simple pick the suitable courses from our catalog and master them with ease.

How effective will online coaching be for me?

Learning German online offers a lot of flexibility in terms of time and location. Irrespective of where you are and your time constraints, you can master the language and prepare for your exams with full thoroughness on German Together. All you need is your phone/ laptop and a good internet connection. Ideally, if you can spend even one undisturbed hour a day for learning and practice, you can improve your language skills exponentially.

I am a German language teacher. Are there resources that can help me?

Hi, fellow teacher! 🙂 German Together has a lot of exercises and resources that you can download or incorporate in your classroom. Feel free to make use of these resources. We would be grateful if you could credit us for the material wherever possible!