Make Your Goethe Zertifikat worth it.

Let me show you the 3 secrets to land your dream job, maximize your earnings and transform your career within 90 days.

Don’t wait for your next interview call.

Follow the 3 secrets instead. 


So you’ve decided that it’s time to make a change. That’s hard to do when you are mostly waiting around – for the recruiters to call you, for the next opportunity to knock, or to hear back from a company.

Be done with that mindless chasing and waiting.

Learn the 3 secrets of landing the jobs and opportunities YOU want, and earning up to 6-figure amounts on the side, with your German language skills.

Nobody told you this so far, but it is entirely possible for you to transform your career into your own multi-faceted successful online brand – within a month. 

Join the 30-day High-Income German challenge. It all starts with this webinar.


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You speak the most economically powerful language of the EU.

What’s that worth?

Hey, I’m Preeti. I’m a freelance German language trainer, translator, interpreter and content writer.

I started out like all of us do, with a German-speaking job that paid me ₹26000 (367 USD) per month. That was back in 2010.

In the following 7 years, I worked as an Email Support Rep, B2B Support Rep, Language Trainer, Translator and Team Leader.

And then I realized the very statement that I made in this headline. I realized that I was selling myself short. 

NEWSFLASH: We all are.

The opportunities for German speakers like you and me are far beyond what we see on job sites. The wealth that we can build with our German language skill is far beyond the salary slabs and slips we’ve seen.

And so, since July 2017, I’ve been relentlessly exploring new ways to make the most out of my skill.

And in as little as 90 days, with the help of a few tools and resources, I had set up a solid, high-income, multiple-stream venture for myself.





To help 100,000 German-speaking professionals create successful, long-term and high-income careers for themselves.

Through my courses and webinars, I want you to have complete clarity on your onward career path – where you stand, what future you see for yourself, and how we can get you there, step-by-step.

You want to earn higher income? – Let’s put those numbers out there.

You want to land your dream job this year? – Let’s attract the right employers to you by creating the perfect profile.

You want to quit the corporate world and become a globetrotting freelancer in 2020? – Let’s make that happen for you.

Not with over-the-top, temporary fixes. Let’s talk about where you want your career to go, and we’ll make a thorough blueprint for it together.

When is the Upcoming Webinar?

Saturday, the 2nd of November 2019

11 am – 11:45 am IST


What we’ll cover in this webinar


How to Build Multiple Streams of Income Based on Your German Skills


How to Land Your High-Income Dream Job


How to Start Freelancing after Goethe Zertifikat


How To Advance Your Career After Goethe Zertifikat


All About the Goethe Zertifikat Exams: The sections, the grading system and the strategy


How To Plan Your Time For Goethe Zertifikat Courses


How To Continue the Goethe Zertifikat After A Long Gap

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It Doesn’t End There

The single condition I have for the webinar is this.

You would need to share your LinkedIn profile or updated resume with me at the time of signing up. Here’s why.

I don’t want you to attend the webinar for the sake of the information. You can spend a few days browsing through websites, talking to experts, and gather a longer list of these tips and hacks.

And so my interaction with you doesn’t end with the webinar. It ends with you having a clear cut plan for your next career move. And we’ll do this by getting on a one-on-one 15-minute Career Path call post the webinar.

post-webinar giveaway

One-on-One Career Path Call

While signing up for the webinar, I need you to share your updated resume and pick a convenient time slot for our Career Path call.

Your resume will allow me to review your career graph beforehand, so that our precious 15 minutes on call are constructive, to-the-point and focused on your next big career move.

Here’s what I want you to have through this call:

  •  – Clarity on your what your best career options are
  •  – Clarity on what’s stopping you, or may get in the way
  •  – A clear, 5-step plan for you to get un-stuck in your current phase and take your next big leap

5-minute self-assessment

Coming Soon:
Free German Language Career Calculator

A 5-minute quiz designed by experts to discover your perfect career. Get a full analysis that picks out your most rewarding career option based on your skills, aptitude and interests. Plus, a step-by-step guide to peak in your field!

About US

Our Story

We are a team of creative teachers of the German language, and our quest to make the language accessible to the world has come a long way since 2008.

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The German Together Vision

Thorough Exam Preparation for Every Level

Free exam preparation strategies and sample tests from A1 to C1, to help you pass every German language certification exam with flying colors.
Beyond-the-classroom hacks and techniques that allow you to give your exams with added confidence.

Tailored to the international syllabus

Lessons are tailored to a student’s proficiency level & syllabus of international certification exams. Chapter-wise lessons in reading skills, listening skills, writing & speaking skills, apart from grammar and vocabulary.

Premium Course Catalog

Affordable, in-depth and easy-to-understand lessons for every topic. Each concept is packed with smart explanations, exercises, engaging learning material and free resources.

Unlimited Practice for Continued Learning

Free access to an unlimited number of interactive practice exercises that help students master every section of the German language. Quizzes and sample tests with in-depth analysis that highlights their strong and weak areas, along with strategies to improve them.

Engaging Video Lessons

Free and premium video lessons built to break down complex topics to the simplest concepts. Complete level-wise preparation courses, that contain chapter-by-chapter learning, revision and practice.

Career Path Consulting

Get on the career path that best suits your skills and interests. The Career Path Program helps you set the goals and vision for a rewarding career for the next 10 years. We’re launching the German Language Career Calculator soon to help you discover your dream career.


What Our Students Say

I was extremely nervous about giving my B1 exam, because deep down, I knew that my basics weren’t clear. Preeti recognized this and designed a perfect course for me to overcome this lag, while still preparing me for my exam. She has a way of explaining concepts that ingrains them into your brain. Her coaching helped me get through the B1 exam with ‘gut.’  Amazing teacher! 

Cynthia A.

Learning German for a global career

Took the German A1 German Exam Prep Course with Preeti. The daily practice tests really helped me get confident. And her exam strategies are simply awesome! She made it interesting and engaging, which made me want to learn German further.

Alex S.

Full-time Freelance German Linguist


Frequently Asked

Can I prepare for my German exams for free?

Yes you can! German Together has a vast, free-of-cost library for exam candidates across different levels/grades. This library includes free practice exercises, step-by-step guides and solving strategies. All you need to do is sign up once, and you have unlimited access to all the materials you need for self-study to successfully clear your exams!

How long does it take to prepare for a German exam?

It’s best to speak in terms of hours here. While a course (anyone from A1 to C1) can take 75 – 120 hours, separate time needs to be allotted to exam preparation. There is no real standard number of hours for this part. However, I always recommend at least 50 hours, exclusively for exam preparation. The number of days depends on how many hours you can spend on a daily basis.

What if my grammar/ vocabulary skills are poor?

Trying to prepare for an international certification exam when your basics aren’t clear can be extremely difficult. But this shouldn’t hold you back. Here on German Together, we have an exhaustive course catalog for every tricky grammar topic and vocabulary theme. All these mini-courses are also included in a single master course (from A1 to C1) which guarantees thorough learning and revision. So if you know your weak areas in grammar or vocabulary, simple pick the suitable courses from our catalog and master them with ease.

How effective will online coaching be for me?

Learning German online offers a lot of flexibility in terms of time and location. Irrespective of where you are and your time constraints, you can master the language and prepare for your exams with full thoroughness on German Together. All you need is your phone/ laptop and a good internet connection. Ideally, if you can spend even one undisturbed hour a day for learning and practice, you can improve your language skills exponentially.


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